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    Hong Kong madness with Gadgetwala.

    Ankit a.k.a.

    gadgetwala (http://bit.ly/2AHjhwR) is in Hong Kong and it's and absolute madness! First I show Ankit around in Mong Kok and we have some dinner with my brother (Ishq wala) and Ankit's friend Pingping.

    After this we're off for some amazing Hong Kong desserts.

    We end this Monday in absolute Hong Kong madness style; partying in LKF until 4AM.

    Unfortunately Ankit was just in town for one day but I'm sure we'll def meet again!
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    If you're on a roll here's the playlist with all the Hong Kong vlogs: http://bit.ly/2hDuiZe
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    Food I ate in this video:
    - Dim sum at dim dim sum in Mong Kok
    - Mango soup with pomelo sago
    - Mango tofu pudding
    - Black sesame soup

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