Dear Vagabrothers

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  • Uploaded 11 months ago in the category Travel Tips

    Welcome, Vagabuddies! We're Soo Zee and Leigh, and we make videos about stuff we like, stuff we hate, and stuff from our lives living in Seoul, South Korea.

    Sometimes we film stuff in other countries too.

    The Vagabrothers are Alex and Marko Ayling, vagabond brothers on a mission to explore the world through the people they meet.

    Go check out the video we filmed with them over on their channel:

    on Instagram @Vagabrothers

    on Twitter @Vagabrothers

    on Facebook @Vagabrothers

    on Snapchat @Vagabrothers

    or on their website at

    If you want to play favorites, you can also find them individually on Instagram
    Find Alex at
    Find Marko at

    on Extra Stuff, where we send secret videos and interesting stories straight to your inbox

    on Instagram @tastestuff
    where we post the delicious stuff we eat

    on Snapchat @domorestuff
    where we answer questions and mess around

    Soo Zee's the Asian one.

    You can ask her stuff on Twitter or Instagram

    Leigh's the not-Asian one.

    You can talk to her on Twitter or Instagram too

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